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Update a "Deal Stage"

A deal typically progresses through various stages in a sales pipeline, starting from the initial contact with a lead and concluding with the successful closure of the sale.

In this guide you will learn how to update the "deal stages"

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1. Click on "Leads"


2. Select a "Lead"


3. Click on a "Deal"


4. Update the "Deal Stage" by clicking one of the steps in here or set the deal outcome (Won, lost, or abandoned)

Deals can have one of three outcomes: they can be won, indicating a successful sale; lost, indicating that the opportunity did not materialize into a sale; or abandoned, indicating that the deal was actively discontinued for various reasons.


An alternate way to update deal stages is by using the Kanban view

1. Click on this icon to change the "Deal View"


2. Select the "Deal Type"


3. Drag-and-drop the card to update the "Deal Stage"