All Categories Lead Module (CRM) Setup Sales Pipelines

Setup Sales Pipelines

Deal types and stages

Let's setup your sales pipeline and activities in Osmos

1 - Click on "Lead"


2 - Click on the 3 dots


3 - Select "Deal Type"


4 - "Create New Deal Type" of use the one that comes by default

A deal type is a categorization or classification of different types of sales deals or opportunities. It helps businesses organize and track deals based on specific characteristics, such as the nature of the sale or the product being sold.

For example, in a software company, deal types could include "New License Sale," "Software Upgrade," "Add-on Modules," or "Renewal." Each deal type may have unique characteristics, sales processes, and considerations associated with it.


5 - Add or customize the stages

To add stages, select the desired "Deal Type." Once selected, transcribe the previously created stages and assign a color to each one. Ensure that the stages are properly ordered. You can rearrange the stages by dragging them.