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Add a "Deal" to a Lead

A "Deal," also known as an "Opportunity," is a fundamental component of a CRM. It serves as the foundation for making a sale. When a lead is generated, it is assigned one or more deals, which are then pursued through various stages in the sales pipeline with the goal of closing the deal and achieving a successful sale.

  • In essence, a deal is synonymous with an opportunity

  • Leads, which are prospective customers, can be associated with multiple deals simultaneously

  • Deals progress through different stages in the sales pipeline, signifying the various steps required to move the potential sale forward. These stages provide a visual representation of the sales process and help sales teams track their progress, identify bottlenecks, and prioritize their efforts accordingly.

  • Ultimately, deals can have one of three outcomes: they can be won, indicating a successful sale; lost, indicating that the opportunity did not materialize into a sale; or abandoned, indicating that the deal was actively discontinued for various reasons.

1. Click on "Lead"


2. Click on "Add Deal"

quickguiddeScreenshots_8vYamvjSyONBdqx6eh12gCh2DGL2_6ebRYz8QEBLu3AmykphgHK_rei2qz4xQnWW9o9AELR1Ju_doc.pngor you can also add a deal directly from an active lead


3. Select the "Lead"


4. Click on "Create a Deal"


5. Add a deal title


6. Select a "Deal Type" also known as "Opportunity Type"

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7. Select the "Deal Stage"

If the deal is a new deal, then the stage should be the first stage from the list


8. Scroll down and enter a "Forecast Date"

This is the date that you believe the deal can be closed


9. Enter a "Deal Value"

How much do you think this deal is worth


10. Click on "Add Deal"


11. Review the lead open deals

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