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Inviting members to the workspace

Inviting team members to your workspace is the best way to collaborate and achieve sales goals.

Each team member contributes to your plan subscription, and your workspace will be billed according to the number of users who have been invited and accepted the invitation.

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IMPORTANT: Only specific users with assigned roles can invite team members.

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There are three ways you can invite team members:

A. From the onboarding process (When you first created the workspace)

Add the team member name, last name, email and role (You can customize and create new roles for your team members)


B. From the "Plan" tab

Click on your "Profile Picture" or navigate on the side menu to "Plan". Add the team member email and select the role (You can customize and create new roles for your team members)


C. From "Team Management" menu

  1. Navigate on the side menu to "Team Management" and click on


  1. Click on "+ New"


  1. Click on "New Member"


  1. Add the member information and click "Next"


  1. Select a role (You can customize and create new roles for your team members)


  1. Review the member permissions and customize if needed


  1. Add the member to a team (optional) and click "Create Member"


  1. A confirmation message will be sent to the member upon invitation. Once the new member accepts the invitation via email, they will be added to the workspace.