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Contact Listing Overview

In this guide, we will explain the different components of the "contact list."

Search Box

You can search for a specific record by using this box. You can enter the contact's name, email, or any other relevant information.



To sort the list, you can utilize and apply various filters. After creating and applying a filter to the search, you have the option to save the filter for future use or reset the search query.


To save the filter, click on "Save Filter". Saved filters will appear under the search box. To use a saved filter, simply click on it.

Cog icon

The cog icon allows you to customize the columns you want to visualize in your listing


Add Contact

From here, you can add contacts, upload a contact list, and add an organization.


The 3 Dots Menu ...


This menu gives you access to different options:

Sorting list by columns in ascending or descending order

Click on any of the columns to sort the table. The left corner will indicate the current sorting.


View the contact overview

Click here to open the "Contact Overview" information


Add Tags to the Contact

Click here to add tags to the contact. Tags are use when filtering.


Rate contacts

Click here to rate contacts from 0 to 5 stars


Edit contact

From here you can edit the contact or delete