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Adding Custom Fields to Contacts

Custom fields in the contact module offer significant utility to many businesses as they enable the creation of fields that are relevant to their specific needs. Some commonly added fields in contacts include:

  1. Contact TAX ID

  2. Contact business number

  3. Contact internal number (a number assigned within one of your current systems)

  4. Type of client (e.g., wholesaler, distributor, etc.)

You have the flexibility to add as many fields as required, utilize various field types, and arrange them within the section as desired.

Once a custom field is added, it becomes accessible across all your contacts. These new fields can be viewed in modules like leads and quotes and can be utilized in lead forms.

To add contact custom fields open a current contact and then follow this guide.

1. Click on "Add Custom Field"


2. Enter "Field Name"


3. Select a "Field Type"

We provide various field types to cater to your specific requirements. These include:

  1. Text input: This field type is ideal for open-ended responses that allow you to type in any information.

  2. Checkbox: Use checkboxes when multiple options can be selected from a given list.

  3. Date: The date field enables you to select a specific date.

  4. Radio button: If only one option can be chosen from a set of multiple options, the radio button is the appropriate choice.

  5. Dropdown: When you want to present a list of options for selection, the dropdown field is suitable.


4. Add the "Field Value"

Add values and click the "Enter" key to keep adding. This option is applicable for all field types except the text input.


5. Click on "Add"


Delete or Edit

To edit or delete a custom field click the corresponding icons


Reorganize Custom Fields

To reorganize the custom field order, grab and drop. Custom fields can only be reorganized between them.