Create a Lead

In Osmos, a lead can be understood simply as a "Contact" that is marked as a lead to make it accessible within the lead module. Any changes made to the contact information will be reflected in both the contact and lead modules.

Creating a lead is useful when you want to track a deal or opportunity. With a lead, you can easily monitor the stages of the deal, add annotations, and conveniently follow up.

1. Click on "Lead"


2. Click on "Add Lead"


3. Select "Contact List"

quickguiddeScreenshots_8vYamvjSyONBdqx6eh12gCh2DGL2_3odoq8bC4vQtHqor3y4tZe_p23HYQQ9wxk4k14UttRNm6_doc.pngAlternatively you can upload a list of leads via a CSV filequickguiddeScreenshots_8vYamvjSyONBdqx6eh12gCh2DGL2_3odoq8bC4vQtHqor3y4tZe_vqSV6X1y4KVcdwyvySzZ6W_doc.png

4. Select the "Contact(s)" to be marked as a "Lead"

You can select multiple contacts at the same time


5. Click on "Convert to Lead"


6. The "Lead" is added to the listing