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Create and Switch Workspaces

What is a workspace? In simple terms, a workspace is a business profile that allows you to manage your leads, quotes, items, and team. To access your workspaces, please use your email.

Why would you need more than one workspace? If you have multiple businesses or brands that you want to manage independently, creating different workspaces will help you organize each business with its unique branding, leads, quotes, items, and teams.

What is the cost per workspace? Each workspace is treated as a separate account, and you will be billed based on the selected plan for each of your workspaces, the number of users, and any additional add-ons.

Create a New Workspace

1. Click on the top right corner


2. Click on "Create new Workspace"


3. Follow the steps


Switch Between Workspaces

You can switch between workspaces when you have already signed in to one of them.

1. Click on the top right corner and select the desired workspace


Sign In to a Workspace

When you are login with your email, you can select the workspace from the ones you have available.

1. Sign in by using your email and password


2. Select the desire workspace and log in