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Uploading a Contact List

To upload a list of contacts to Osmos via a csv file follow this steps

1. Click on "Contact"


2. Click on "+" sign


3. Click on "Upload CSV"


4. Click on "My Computer"


You can download the provided template and fill it with your contacts


5. Match the data between Osmos and your file

To ensure accurate data synchronization, the data fields in Osmos with your file must match.

From the dropdown lists, select the column description in your file that best matches the corresponding data field in Osmos. For example, you may have a field called "Name" when in Osmos that field is called "First Name".

You can leave a selection empty. When doing so, the data in Osmos will be empty.

TIP: You can download the "Osmos sample file" provided. Fill this sample file with your data, and it will automatically match the fields between Osmos and your file.

IMPORTANT: To correctly pass values to the custom fields, it is crucial to ensure that the values added to your custom fields exactly match the ones in your file. For example, if your custom field values are "Mr," "Mrs," and "Miss," and your CSV file has values "mr," "Mrs," and "Doctor," only the value "Mrs" will pass because it matches one of the available options and has the same format.


6. Click "Continue"


7. Review the sample

A sample of the first two contacts will be displayed. Please verify that the column headers in your file match the corresponding field information.

Take a moment to review the displayed contacts and ensure that the column headers accurately represent the data fields they correspond to. This step is crucial to ensure proper alignment and synchronization of the information.


8. Click "Continue"


9. Confirm the upload of the file and click "Continue"

You can add a tag name to your file


10. Click "Done"

Your file will not be uploaded automatically. Instead, it will be placed in a queue for processing. You will receive a notification by email and through the notification bell when the contact has been successfully uploaded. Please note that this process may take a few minutes to complete.