Email Setup

To setup your workspace email for the first time as the owner or superadmin, follow these steps.

1. Click on "Email"


2. Click on "Setup your email"


3. Enter your IMAP credentials

The IMAP details for your email can be found with your hosting or email provider. The information may vary from provider to provider. In here we share an example that can be handy.

Incoming mail server: imap."your hosting provider".com

Port: 993

Email address: Your full email address

Password: The password you use to login to your email

Connection security: SSL/TLS


4. Your Inbox

After you have entered your IMAP credentials, you will see your inbox with your emails. At this point, you will only be able to read and see your emails (not compose them).


5. Click compose

This opens the DNS settings.


6. Add DNS records

If you want to send emails using Osmos CRM you will need to add DNS records to your hosting.

  • Add your own domain (website) Example:

  • Login to your hosting provider and add these 3 DNS records shown in this window. (If you are not familiar with how to do this, reach out to your hosting provider and share these records with them.) We cannot provide support for this.


7. Verify domain

After you have added the DNS records, you can click on verify domain. Most likely, the setup will not be completed yet. It can take a couple of minutes or up to 24 hours. quickguiddeScreenshots_8vYamvjSyONBdqx6eh12gCh2DGL2_gNvGkzgaRcXQqDuwiERWmn_qUotYx7HcLtx6BcQobPLkz_doc.png

8. Verify email

To verify if your DNS records have been propagated (after 30 minutes and up to 24 hours) you can click on "Compose"


Then enter your name how you want it to be displayed to email recipients and enter the email you will be using to send emails (Must have the same domain name you have verified on the DNS settings)


9. Send your first email by clicking "Compose"


If you want to verify your DNS settings and emails click on "DNS"