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How does Referrals Work?

Our referral program allows you to earn rewards by sharing a unique link with others. When you share this link with business owners, sales reps, or your friends and family, each successful referral will earn you $10 USD in Osmos credits. These credits can be used to pay for your Osmos plan.

Here's how it works:

  1. Share your unique referral link with others.

  2. When someone you referred purchases one of our plans, it is considered a successful referral.

  3. For each successful referral, you will be credited with $10 USD in Osmos credits.

  4. You can then redeem these credits to pay for your Osmos plan.

It's that simple! Start sharing your referral link today and earn credits towards your Osmos plan.

To obtain your referral link, navigate to your "User Profile" by either clicking on your profile image or accessing it through the left-hand menu. Once you are in your profile, you can find your unique referral link.