Leave Workspace

Leave a Workspace

The person who creates a workspace is identified by us as the "Superadmin" and the owner of the workspace. This individual is responsible for the workspace and is the sole point of contact for billing and communication.

While there can be multiple Superadmin roles within your team, there can only be one owner.

There may be instances where the person who created the workspace is not the business owner, or when the business is sold or transferred to someone else. In such cases, we strongly encourage transferring the ownership to prevent any potential loss.

IMPORTANT: We are only authorized to make changes to the account and discuss important information with the workspace owner.


Steps to take before leaving the workspace:

  1. Create a user account for the individual to whom you will be transferring the ownership of your workspace if it hasn't been created yet. If the user is new, they must accept the invitation and be able to log in to the workspace.

  2. Add the new owner's credit card information and remove the former owner's credit card if they are different.

1. Sign in with the OWNER account and then click on your picture profile


2. Click on "Plan"


3. Scroll down and click "Leave Workspace"


4. Type "LEAVE WORKSPACE" and select the workspace users that will be the new superadmin and workspace owner


5. Click "Continue"

After this step, you will be logged out and removed from the account. If you want this user to still be part of your organization invite him again as you normally add users to your workspace.