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Upload Items in Bulk

In this guide, we will show you how to upload your item catalog in bulk.

1. Click on "Catalog" and select "Upload"


2. Download the sample csv document

We recommend downloading the CSV sample file and using it as a template and do not modify the title names.


Pro tip: Before uploading your document, make sure to add the necessary custom fields to your items in your Osmos workspace. Learn how to add custom fields

Follow these tips to complete the template:

1. The first row must include column titles for the item information you want to upload (e.g., Item name, price, description, etc...).

2. You can add as many columns as you desire, but please do not leave any title empty.

3. The only information required when uploading your document is the item name, category, and price A.

3. Upload the CSV document with your data

Once you have the document with your item data, upload it from your computer.


4. Map the column titles with the available fields in your Osmos workspace

Osmos will automatically match table titles with available fields in your Osmos workspace that share the same titles as in your document (e.g., matching "item name" with "item name").

For fields that are not correctly matched or remain unmatched, you can manually map them by selecting the corresponding field within your Osmos workspace. For instance, if your file contains a column with the title "item," you can specify where that column's data will be stored in your Osmos workspace, such as "item name."

You can skip columns by not matching them to existing fields in Osmos. The data will be left blank."

5. CSV file confirmation

You will get a sample of the records you are uploading. Here, you will be able to view how many rows and columns will be uploaded.


Click "Continue"

6. Add a tag

You can add a tag to identify the items you are uploading. To proceed, please check the box to acknowledge that the file you are uploading may take a couple of minutes to become available.


Click "Continue"