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Create an Account

To create an account in Osmos, also known as a "workplace" is easy. To sign up, click on this link.

Here are the 4 steps

1. Sign up

Enter the workspace owner's information. In general, this is the business owner or the team leader at the organization that will be using Osmos Sales CRM.

IMPORTANT! : We recommend using a professional email when signing up.


2. Activate your Account

You will receive an email in your inbox to confirm and activate your account. Click on the button to activate your account.

The confirmation email expires after 10 minutes or when you click on the option to "re-send email". Always use the last email received.

IMPORTANT! : Sometimes email can be found in our SPAM folder, or it can take a couple of minutes to be in your inbox, depending on your email system.


3. Create Password

Create a password


4. Login to your Workspace

You are now ready to access your Osmos workspace. To login use the email address and password you have created.